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Types of Stones

Lime Stone

Limestone, calcareous stones in the chemical industry,is used as a basic material, as well as to neutralize acid and as a melting aid, adhesion agent, and so on. The pros of this stone are the suitable price and the Proper color and its cons are low resistance to erosion.

Travertine Stone

One of the other calcareous stones, which is considered as a Construction rocks, is called Travertine Stone,The Travertine, which is called in French TRAVERTINE ,is The remains of sediments of the seas, rivers, hot springs, or mineral water deposits of caves. Special weight of Travertine is 2500 KG / M3.

Marble Stone

Among the building stones, marble stone, which is one of the metamorphic rocks, is very popular and well-known among consumers and buyers of building stones. Marble stone in the international markets، is classified from the categories of marbles.

Chinese Stone

Chinese stone (crystal) is a mass of limestone or dolomite rock that has been re-crystallized due to internal factors, such as temperature and pressure, and are therefore considered to be part of the metamorphic rocks.
Chinese stones at different points are different in terms of the amount of metamorphism and some of the chemical compounds. Chinese stone often has large crystals.

Stone and Its Application

The use of stone for the inner wall of the building gives it a very glorious and cool appearance. Basically, stone is used to cover the walls of the bathroom and the rest room, office buildings, stores, dining halls and etc. The stone used for the wall should have a beautiful and polished surface. In addition, the porosity will be low in order not to be damaged by washing with the detergent, and doesn't reduce its resistance.

Another use of stone is the building facade. For the facade of the building, Tough and durable stones are used to prevent damage from various environmental factors. Variable atmospheric conditions, sunlight, glacial, dust, acid rain, air pollution, etc. are among the factors that affect stone resistance.

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Stones based on application have specific uses...

The use of building stone in the Construction industry is of very special importance. stones are the most basic building materials.

In general, natural stone which has sufficient resistance to atmospheric conditions and interesting color can be used in construction operations and in the form of Carcass Stone, Barber Stone, Plaques Stone, Cover Stone, Pillar Stone And even in the form of utensils and stoneware.

Stone is one of the most useful and common building materials which has been used by the past to the present